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About Heapspray.net

What is a heap spray? It's an exploitation technique. It makes remote code execution attempts more reliable. Often used in browser exploits. Illustration below.


About the site itself...

This is just my personal site where I post random programming, computer science, and security related things.

About me specifically...

I'm just a programmer and someone who enjoys technology and computing in general. My favourite compiled language is C. I know many languages but only ever really use C for desktop / embedded / systems programming, PHP/JS/HTML/CSS/SQL/etc when working on sites, and occasionally things such as C++ and Java, for work, or for mobile applications and the like.

The English version of my name is "Matt" or "Matthew", which would explain all the Written by Matt bits on the top of each post.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me at the email: admin at heapspray dot net.

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